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Ekamowir Omo wono epo n ecclesia dorum

Etsimine woun links[edit source]

Wòn etsimine woun:

Nauruan Language and Grammar "deciphering" Project ;)[edit source]

Adamonin[edit source]

Wikipedia wõn epo n ecclesia (bet). Wo kona edar & õrig articles animwen Wikipedia ñage.

Wono ine![edit source]

Kereri õten makur ine me tutorial (or ta karamwen ian wora erauro egato). Wo kona kongong ikidõ & oemai ian Tekawa ewak (bet animwen eren & ijeiji :-) ), read Help directory & wora policies, contact other Wikipedians, & ãt ekeken won going on. Io wo eab etsimine already, orig account (Adaga?).

Ean riring[edit source]

  • Ekakairũ Naoero - Ina wono ekeow information kaia grammar, amet dorer,...
  • Onganeme pages - Tekawa - America - Africa Wono onganeme pages ian ngaiune Wikipedia.
  • Wikipedia:Domaneab - Gait aituno!

Emakur of the week[edit source]

i ekei
under construction

Get involved[edit source]

Tip of ibum[edit source]

Ian obwen omotangitang tip, aia: Tip of ibum

About Wikipedia[edit source]

Info ian obwen etsimeduw user[edit source]

Wono ine!TutorialErauro egatoIpuokEtsimeduw amuno

Frequently Asked Questions[edit source]

FAQ list & OverviewAdministrationContributingEditingSchoolsMiscPHP scriptProblemsReaders'Kakairũ EtiquetteTechnicalGlossaryWhat Wikipedia is not

Emedena animwen kakairũ[edit source]

Contact (overview)DomaneabKakairũMailing listsIRC chatInstant MessagingIn person meetingsUser pages

Epo n ecclesia info[edit source]

Kaia WikipediaKaia WikimediaEngame WikipediaWikipedia danganOija monni!

Wikipedia highlights[edit source]

Featured articles and picturesCollaboration of the weekAnnouncements and other Goings-onWikipedia in the media and Press releasesStatsMilestones

Common procedures[edit source]

Featuring an article or picturePeer reviewDeleting a page (full policy) – Protecting a page (full policy) – Reverting a pageEverything about Administrators, Bureaucrats, Stewards and DevelopersAnimwen Ijababa...

Help with Meta-Wiki[edit source]

User's GuideTable formatTeX, math and formulaeImages and embedding

Account maintenance[edit source]

Account benefitsChoosing and Changing a usernameLogging inUser preferencesChanging attribution for editsAccount deletion

Downloads[edit source]

Wikipedia database download Special:Export

Writing/Reference resources[edit source]

Policies and conventions[edit source]

Overview of policiesNeutral point of view (NPOV)CopyrightEditingManual of Style (Layout, Naming conventions, Disambiguation, Captions) – Image useCiting Wikipedia

Behavioural guidelines[edit source]

Wikipedia etiquetteBe bold! but Stay cool!Be nice to newcomersDispute resolutionArbitration policyAssociation of Members' Advocates

Resources[edit source]

Help deskReference deskSpecial pagesUtilitiesBasic topicsContributingImproving articlesWriting a great articleSources for articlesBoilerplate textBoilerplate permission to copyCustom messagesImage list

Projects[edit source]

WikiProjectsRequested articles and picturesArticle seriesInfoboxesCaptionsWikiMoneyMaintenance (Pages needing attention, Cleanup, Expansion, Categorization) – TranswikiRegional notice boardsWikifun, Department of Fun

Technical information[edit source]

The MediaWiki softwareRequests and bug reportsBrowser notesUser styles (customizing your display with CSS)MultimediaBotsSQL dumps (TomeRaider format)

Related communities[edit source]

Other Wikipedia languagesStart a new language Template:Wikipediasister-list