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This policy page is in English, and probably will even after we get a translation into Dorerin Naoero

Not everything gets a place on the Wikipediya Dorerin Naoero. This includes mainspace pages, user pages, templates, files, you name it.

Reasons to delete

  • If a page is pure vandalism, promotional or out of the scope of Wikipedia.
  • Mainspace pages not in the correct language. Please note that a little bit of English here and there wouldn't matter a lot, but when an article is 100% in English, that is when it gets deleted.
  • Attack pages
  • Pages created by banned users of this wiki. Note that if a user is blocked on another wiki, that is not a reason to delete the page
  • Copyright violations

What not to delete

  • When a page is small in content, even if it is only four words long. Dorerin Naoero is only known to about 15000 people, so even the smallest text is welcome.
  • If a page was created by a banned user on this wiki, but was substantially improved by others.
  • Pages that look like a red link farm. Instead, consider creating those pages.
  • Files that are already on Commons. It was probably uploaded locally because it isn't a free file.

How to nominate a page for deletion

  • For local sysops, just delete it. For others, place the code {{delete}} and then an administrator will come and delete it. For global sysops, do not delete it unless you are very sure it does not belong here.

Revision deleting material

Revision deletion should be done to potentially libellous material and some others too

  • Inappropriate or libellous material
  • Edits by LTAs. Long-term abusers often just want to get their edit in the history, so deny recognition and delete the revision.