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To see a current list of Administrators, go to Special:Listadmins (which can be accessed through Special:Specialpages).
For details of their powers and responsibilities and how to become one, please see the "English" link on this page, i.e. w:en:Wikipedia:Administrators (until we have a Nauruan language version).
To discuss the subject (and maybe see an occasionally updated list of Administrators and other very helpful people with notes on their skills and availability), go to Wikipedia talk:Administrators or click the "Discussion" button on this page.

  • To vote, you have to be a registred user with at least ten contributions, without vandalism
  • To stand for the adminship, you have to be a registred user with userpage and Babel template(s) with at least fifty contributions, without vandalism
  • To stand for the bureaucratship, you have to be an admin (for one month) with userpage and Babel template(s), without vandalism

Current administrators[edit source]

Eg Edorer Eb Ngaga
1 SHB2000 Dorerin Ingerand, Dorerin Prant, Dorerin Naoero (en-N, fr-3, na-1) Sidni, Otereiriya 16.06.21

Nominations[edit source]

To nominate an administrator (including yourself), go to Wikipedia:Ij administrator.

Previous administrators[edit source]

  1. Gertjan R.
  2. CdaMVvWgS
  3. Node ue
  4. Meibitobure
  5. 7elteven
  6. Jon Harald Søby