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This is my proposition for the homepage/Bwiema peij of the Nauruan Wikipedia... In detail: - IT'S BASED ON THE ;)

- I've written all texts in English except this in the most top ("welcome" and "we have XX articles here"). Those are translations of Belgian man.

- In the "preface" is English text (NOT TO TRANSLATE) and NAURUAN (TO TRANSLATE INTO NAURUAN ;)

- Please look are those texts good, I've used a fragment of English Wiki article on Nauruan language

- CATEGORIES - based on my work on nearly every Wiki from 100-10.000. I've taken down all categories that were worth for and compared it with Belgian man's version (see above). Now it's new revised version but feel free to discuss what to add and what to crop (please notice it here on Talk page ;)

- Wikipedia in other langs: only those 10k+ from Oceania and link to more than 1k+ 100+ and complete list ;)

Uffff... it's late now so... Feel free to discuss this proposition and ask why I've put sth or not. I'll explain my decisions ;)

--Artur Lion 00:30, 24 September 2005 (UTC)

I think we can translate the texts from the Simple English Wiki ;) For example this one about Maths ;) --Artur Lion 15:38, 24 September 2005 (UTC)