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Using corpus analysis, we can draw up a very basic picture of Nauruan grammar.

I'll start with some example sentences, and their translations. As they are all from the Jehova's Witnesses website, most are religious in nature.

examples[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Eiy bet orida ngabuna re ma.

en : He even raised the dead.

Ibuok eow turit amen ranga imin ngabuna itsio.

en : They are assisted by ministerial servants.

Ro eo oekae aura karawin me oekae ea ngabuna ibun.

en : They do not dress differently from others.

auxiliaries[Kiwiwid | edit source]

ata[Kiwiwid | edit source]

  • "ata dedaro", prayer, from "dedaro", to pray.
  • "ata kamarar", mind, from "kamarar", to think or to plan.

What is your 'ata' meant to mean? Ata means us inclusive (you (plural) and me). But in your dictionary you have ata as 'ten'. Atai is ten.

imin[Kiwiwid | edit source]

  • "tamo imin", anything, from "tamo", any.
  • "imin memak", living things, from "memak", to make.

Two corrections here:

imin memak or, inversely, memak imin means 'everything'. Memak means 'all'.

But tamo imin is correct. Also, there is both eko imin and ekeo imin, both of which mean 'nothing'.

Tamo means 'any' or 'random'.

morphology[Kiwiwid | edit source]

posessives[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Root: "tsimor", life

  • i|tsimor -> life (in general)
  • tsimor|it OR tsimor|in-> his life
  • tsimor|ura -> their life
  • tsimor|um -> your life

Flag of Nauru.svg "NAOERO LANGUAGE PROJECT" Flag of Nauru.svg

tsimor also means something like 'very nice'.

when adding possessives suffices in Nauruan, it is important to note that there nauruan also has trial forms.

1st pers sing, dual (incl.), dual (excl.), trial (incl.), trial (excl.), plural 2nd pers sing, dual (incl.), dual (excl.), trial (incl.), trial (excl.), plural 3rd pers sing, dual, trial, plural.