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We could try to renew the templates, what do you think? I strictly follow the grammar rules of Kayser.

I have built the following translation for template:User_na:
Amune/ãtune o dorer mitune edorer tekeiy eangamã in Naoero. To make the structure more understandable, I glossed the sentence:

Amune/ãtune o dorer mitune e-dorer tekeiy e-angamã in Naoero
this man/woman here 3.Ps.Sg.: “he/she” speak Acc.-this Abs.-language like Abs.-person/people Adv. Particle: “of” Nauru

So literally you can translate it as "This man/woman speaks this language like a person from Nauru." What do you think? --Jamovi 21:21, 24 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]