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Reino de España
Anidenin Pain Koat Arm Pain
(Anidenin Pain) (Koat Arm Pain)
Motto: Plus Ultra
Location of Spain
Edorer dorerin Pain
Capital Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Uae Felipe VI
Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez
Political system Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Area 505,992 km²
195,364 sq mi
 - Density
47,007,367 (2018) estimate)
46,815,916 (2011)
231/sq mi
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Anthem Marcha Real
National Day October 12
Internet Domain .es
Calling Code +34

aExcept the Canary Islands, which observe UTC+0 (WET) and UTC+1 during summer time.

Ngea Pain (dorerin Pain: España), bet Uae n Pain (dorerin Pain: Reino de España), eiy ngea eben Iurop. Pain wono eb itangin Andorra, Prant, me Portsiugar. Ina wono 47,007,367 engame.

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