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Kongeriket Norge
Kongeriket Noreg
Anidenit Norwei Koat Arm Norwei
(Anidenit Norwei) (Koat Arm Norwei)
Motto: "Enige og tro til Dovre faller"
Ngaeow ian Norwei
Edorer Norsk (Bokmål / Nynorsk)
Capital Oslo
Largest city Oslo
Prime minister
Harald V
Erna Solberg
Area 385 207[1] km2
 - Density
5 328 212[2] (2019)
15.8 /km2
Currency Norske kroner (NOK)
Time zone (UTC+1)
Anthem Ja, vi elsker dette landet
Internet Domain .no
Calling Code +47

Ngea Norwei, eiy ngea eben Iurop. Ina wono 5,320,212 people (01.01.2019).

Tekawa[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Norway - Location Map (2013) - NOR - UNOCHA.svg

Distric[Kiwiwid | edit source]

(Nord-Trøndelag + Sør-Trøndelag = Trøndelag 01.01.2018)

Map Norway political-geo.png

Engame[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Amen edar[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Amen rotumei[Kiwiwid | edit source]

Tamnei[Kiwiwid | edit source]

References[Kiwiwid | edit source]

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