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Liv and Maddie
television series
TitleLiv and Maddie Edit
Genrecomedic television series Edit
CreatorJohn D. Beck Edit
Original broadcasterDisney Channel Edit
Broadcast byDisney Channel Spain Edit
Country of originEben Merika Edit
Original language of film or TV showDorerin Ingerand Edit
Language of work or nameDorerin Ingerand Edit
DirectorAndy Fickman Edit
ComposerEric Goldman Edit
Distributed byDisney+ Edit
Narrative locationWisconsin Edit
Aspect ratio (W:H)16:9 aspect ratio Edit
Camera setupmultiple-camera setup Edit
Takes place in fictional universeDisney Channel Live Action Universe Edit
List of characterslist of Liv and Maddie characters Edit
List of episodeslist of Liv and Maddie episodes Edit
Start time19 July 2013 Edit
End time24 March 2017 Edit
Distribution formatvideo on demand Edit
Official website Edit
Has qualitytitle for Spain Edit
Working titleBits and Pieces Edit

Liv and Maddie wono teen sitcom atsiu It's a Laugh Productions (Eben Merika). Wei eobweni wono 2013.

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